AT&T Files Suit Against Cox Communications

AT&TAT&T has been warning Cox Communications about its patent infringements for years, and has finally come to the decision to file a formal lawsuit in the State of Delaware.

In 2009 AT&T made it clear to Cox Communications that it was infringing upon eight of its patents. AT&T claims the company has not “provided substantial arguments for either non-infringement or invalidity of AT&T’s patents” or made “payments for its infringement by repeatedly delaying and rescheduling negotiations.”

Cox Communications is reportedly making billions of dollars through its use of AT&T’s patents, but has declined to pay. The eight patents deal with all parts of Cox’s business including TV, broadband Internet, telephone and more. AT&T’s Packet Loss Concealment patent license would cost Cox $1,500 in administrative fees and a minimum of $2,500 in annual licensing, based on royalties.

AT&T is calling Cox’s actions “willful and deliberate,” and has demanded a trial by jury. They are also asking to be awarded enhanced damages, attorney’s fees, and the cost of filing the suit.