Are Landline Users Less Likely to Smoke and Drink?

landlines smokingTwo of every five households in the U.S. have ditched their landlines for cellphones only and a new study has drawn interesting connections between wireless households and risky lifestyle choices.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), those living in cellphone-only households are more likely to smoke and drink heavily. They are also less likely to have received their flu shot.

“There’s something about these people’s personalities that may lead to health risk behaviors,” suggested the study’s lead author Stephen J. Blumberg.

However, it may be more complex than it appears on the surface. Economic means definitely come into play: over 56 percent of low income houses have made the switch to wireless, compared to 36 percent of high income families.

This study was conducted by phone and in-person interviews. Overall, 39 percent of America’s adults and 47 percent of children are in wireless households. Adults ages 35 and over make up the largest portion of these households. The study also found Hispanic adults are the most likely demographic to be living without a landline.

*Source: Washington Post