Apple Recalls Millions of Power Adapters

apple adapter recallNo one wants to think about the risk of electric shock when charging their devices. Unfortunately, some Apple users may be at risk of just that because of their iPads and MacBooks. Recently, the tech giant found a number of its power adaptors for international outlets were inherently broken, potentially causing electric shock. Now the company faces having to recall decades’ worth of products.

The affected power adaptors shipped with iPads and MacBooks between 2003 and 2015 worldwide. They also came in the Apple World Travel kit. Although Apple has yet to give an exact number of adaptors impact by the recall, the company’s sales figured indicate it could be between tens or hundreds of millions. To put this in perspective, Apple has sold 300 million iPads globally since the device launched in 2010, and at least 60 million laptops since 2003.

This isn’t a major problem – yet. As of now, Apple is aware of 12 “incidents” worldwide but has not disclosed whether they have involved customers suffering electric shock. As well, since Apple began shipping a remodelled version of the adaptor at an unknown date, not all MacBooks and iPads are affected by this recall.

How will you know if yours is an affected product? If there is a four or five digit code printed on the inside slot where the adaptor connects to the power brick, you should take your adaptor to the Apple Store to have it replaced. If it has a country code instead – like EUR – you own a newer model and should have no problems with it.

Last week Microsoft recalled 285,000 power cord sets from its Surface Pro tablet product. It goes to show the problem is not unique to Apple, and the jury is still out on whether or not that is comforting.

*Source: Sydney Morning Herald