Apple Maps Can Help Find Your Parking Spot

apple-mapsThere’s nothing more frustrating than wandering around a parking lot, foolishly looking for your car. Forgetting where you parked is embarrassing, but Apple seems to think it can improve this experience by adding a new feature to Apple Maps for iOS 10.

Apple’s upcoming parking reminder feature will automatically drop a pin to locate the car’s stationary location when parked somewhere other than your home address. Then, a parked car icon will appear in your Apple Maps, with an option to get directions to your car.

Of course, there are similar apps that exist to help your find your car. But given that iPhone users have to deal with pre-installed apps they don’t want anyway, you might as well take advantage of Apple Maps for something.

In addition to parking, Apple is releasing a number of new features within Maps. Now third-party developers will be able to access Maps to include certain tasks right from the app, such as booking a ride via a company like Uber. Apple Pay will be supported within Map, showing users where the service is accepted along their route. Lastly, Maps will be able to access your calendar data, automatically suggesting routes to a meeting or appointment.

*Source: Tech Crunch