Apple Battery Case Coming Soon

apple battery caseCharging your phone overnight is not enough anymore, considering how much we use them in our daily lives. As a result, the battery case for smartphones has become a must-have addition to your tech collection. Apple has decided to put its own design for a battery case on the market, a case for the iPhone 6S that will sell for $99.

Apple’s version of the battery case promises 25 hours of additional talk time and 18 hours of data usage on an LTE network. It has a silicone exterior and a hinge design that makes it easily removable. The case is supported by the Lightning connector and can charge alongside your smartphone.

Apple is, so far, the only smartphone manufacturer to also create its own battery case. This will create massive competition for the third-party case makers such as Mophie, Bootcase, and Anker who have been dominating this particular market.

*Source: USA Today