Android Users Can Save Apple Music to SD Card

apple-musicApple has recently released an update for the beta app of Apple Music for Android. As Android users may know, one of the perks of having an Android over an iPhone is the additional storage available through the use of an SD card – which Apple products do not support. Now it seems that Apple is choosing to recognize that perk, and are allowing Android users the option to store songs from Apple Music on their SD card.

This is a pretty decent update for a few reasons. Firstly, having the option not to store all your music on your phone, thus clearing up space for apps and whatnot, is always a bonus. And if you didn’t store your music, having the option to save to an SD card prevents potentially expensive data streaming.

If you’re an Apple Music for Android user and you’d like to start storing your music on an SD card, you only have to go your download settings and specify where you’d like your music to be saved.

*Source: CNET