Android, make room for Fuchsia

GoogleGoogle has been working on a new operating system for smartphones and tablets, which has the potential to be released as early as this summer. According to TechNewsWorld, the project is called Fuchsia and has been handled very discreetly.

Fuchsia is moving away from Google’s long-time association with Linux. The project is supposed to have an entirely Google feel, achieved by doing away with the Linux kernel that was integral to past operating systems, as well as the General Public License under which most operating systems function.

The OS is the brainchild of Travis Geiselbrecht – who has worked in the past on the Danger Hiptop smartphone, NewOS, Jawbone, and BeOS among others – and Brian Swetland, who collaborated with Geiselbrecht on Danger and BeOS. Both of them have worked on Android software before.

There is a lot of speculation as to why Google has decided to innovate Fuchsia, when Android is still wildly popular. One of the main theories is that Fuchsia is a reaction to the four year, $9 billion lawsuit between Google and Oracle.

“As the Oracle case revolves around the copyright of Oracle APIs used in Android, it could be a contributing factor in Google’s decision to build another platform,” William Stofega, program director for mobile phones at IDC, told LinuxInsider. Despite Google winning the case, it’s likely that the trouble was enough to make Google want to distance itself from Linux.