Amazon expands Whole Foods delivery to ten more cities

Last year, Amazon acquired Whole Foods and began its journey towards adding another facet to its shipping and e-commerce empire: food sales. Since the purchase, Amazon has been working to expand food delivery to Prime subscribers.

Whole Foods Prime Delivery was available across 28 cities, but now Prime subscribers in Charlotte, Las Vegas, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Raleigh, Seattle, and Tucson have the option available. Prime subscribers can “opt for free, two-hour deliveries between 8am and 10pm each day.”

New York City, Los Angeles, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area have already been in the Whole Foods Prime Delivery zone, but exclusive to certain neighborhoods. According to PC Mag, those neighborhoods are also now growing in number, so if you live in one of these cities and have not been able to access this service, you might want to see if your status has been updated.

With the success of food delivery, Amazon has also expanded to alcohol delivery. NYC, LA, Dallas/Fort Worth, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Seattle Prime members will have access to this service through Whole Foods Prime Delivery.

Source: – 10 More Cities Get Whole Foods Prime Delivery
Published: September 12, 2018