5G Standards Are on the Way

FCCIf you’re addicted to your phone’s data, but it just isn’t fast enough, you’ll be interested to know a faster network could be coming your way. Soon, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be sharing its thoughts on the future of data, 5G.

Right now most of us are using 4G and have been since 2010. This enabled revolutionary connection speeds, and HD streaming of video and music. 5G will take this to a new level by attempting to match our society’s increasing mobile needs. More towers are expected to be built, creating a broader frequency spectrum. The biggest change is that 5G will use millimeter wave bands for the first time; these are high frequency, short range bands that will allegedly increase connection speeds tenfold.

According to the FCC, 5G won’t roll out in full force until 2020, but companies like Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T have already begun testing. Verizon boasts limited release of 5G starting next year. Even so, the FCC and Congress still have to vote on and formalize the regulation and allocation of high-spectrum bandwidth.

*Source: Popular Mechanics