Canadians use half the data Americans do, study says

Victoria, BC-based mobile data company Tutela recently did a study that found the average Canadian uses 56 percent less mobile data per month than their American counterparts. According to Mobile Syrup, “The study collected data from over 48 million mobile data users across 10 countries during May 2018, including over 100,000 users in Canada.” Of the ten countries studied, Canada and Brazil tied for last place in terms of average amount of monthly data. The average Canadian and Brazilian uses 2.7GB per month, where the average U.S user consumes 6.1GB of cellular data per month. The highest usage that Tutela

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Just how much does your phone spy on you?

Researchers from Northeastern University have recently embarked on a quest to “[look into] the zombie conspiracy which no one ever seems to be able to kill over whether our phones are secretly listening to us to know which ads to present to us.” You might be familiar with this conspiracy – in fact, you might believe in it. Take, for example, a personal anecdote. You’re at a bar and order a pitcher of Belgian Moon beer to share with friends. The next morning, Belgian Moon is all over your Facebook and Instagram ads. Maybe you’ve experienced something like this. In

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Finnish telecom Elisa is the first to commercially use a 5G network

We finally have a winner in the race to the first commercial 5G network. It’s not Verizon or AT&T, nor a powerhouse provider from China or South Korea. It’s Elisa! Who’s Elisa you ask? Elisa is a Finnish carrier that has recently partnered with Huawei to make the goal of many operators a reality. Elisa is actually a pretty big player in reaching these land marks. According to Fierce Wireless, “This isn’t the first time Elisa has staked a big first in wireless. The first GSM telephone call in the world was made using Elisa’s network.” Elisa says it just

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