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Does T-Mobile have the most loyal customers?

Among America’s ‘Big Four’ carriers – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile – new data suggests the latter has the most loyal customers. According to a Telecom Consumer survey from Business Insider Intelligence, almost a quarter of T-Mobile’s subscribed base said “they wouldn’t switch mobile carriers for anything.”

In comparison, the other three carriers scored relatively low. Sixteen percent of AT&T subscribers said they would stick it out no matter what, and for Verizon that number was close at fifteen percent. Unfortunately for Sprint, their customer loyalty dragged far behind the rest. Only seven percent of Sprint subscribers said they wouldn’t switch carriers for any reason.

This is very good news for T-Mobile. In the words of Business Insider, “US smartphone penetration is approaching saturation, causing mobile carriers to fight over each others subscribers.”

Pew Research says that 95 percent of Americans own a mobile phone, and 77 percent own a smartphone, meaning there aren’t a lot of new customers on the market. For T-Mobile, knowing less of its existing customers are willing to jump ship is very comforting news. This is made more important with the end of the two year contract, as well as an overall price drop.

“Average revenue per user across the Big Four dropped to $45 in Q1 2017, from $49 in Q1 2014,” explains Business Insider. “To remain profitable, carriers need to maintain or grow their customer base.”

The iPhone 8 is ready to unlock your device via your face

Remember when unlocking your phone via fingerprint was the future of cell phones? Now fingerprint scanners are old news. The new big thing is facial recognition: a feature that the Samsung Galaxy 8 already has and, reportedly, the iPhone 8 does as well. According to The Korea Herald, the new iPhone’s 3D sensors for facial recognition can sense your face in millionths of a second.

Rumours of the iPhone 8’s features have been wildly speculated, and right now some of the big hopes for the upcoming phone include an edge-to-edge OLED display, wireless charging, AR capabilities, and of course facial recognition.

According to an article by CNET, the rumours of facial recognition are looking pretty reliable after “mention of the iPhone’s facial recognition was spotted in Apple’s HomePod firmware code.” Likewise, an Apple patent filed in July “shows facial recognition being used for anything from unlocking your iPhone to zooming in and out based off of how far away you are from the screen.”

Is this the most secure method of locking your phone? Unfortunately not. As shown with the Galaxy S8, the phone’s sensors can be fooled simply by showing it a photograph. However, The Korea Herald believes the iPhone 8 will be more advanced than the S8 because of its unique 3D sensors.