Amazon’s Alexa goes on a shopping spree

Amazon Echo, the company’s new voice command AI device which responds to the name “Alexa”, has been the cause of complaints from purchasers. According to Fortune, a California news program woke up a number of household Echo devices, triggering them to make a series of false purchases. Ironically, it was a San Diego morning news show doing a segment on a six-year-old from Texas who was able to use her parents’ Echo device to order a doll house and four pounds of cookies which woke up a number of Echo-devices across the region. The Echos reportedly woke up when hearing

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What are the biggest VoIP trends of 2017?

Does your business use Voice over IP services (VoIP)? Many do, and the number continues to grow as the convenience of internet telephony services becomes more and more sought after. VoIP_News, a blog dedicated to discussion of this handy tech, published a piece on the upcoming VoIP trends of 2017. Their list gives a bit of insight into the industry, and may just give you some idea as to whether or not VoIP is right for your business. The first trend VoIP_News outlined was “5G Technology Begins to Emerge.” Although not expected until 2020, VoIP providers are beginning to think

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T-Mobile is looking strong heading into 2017

For four years now, carrier T-Mobile has been picking up a lot of momentum. It looks like 2017 will continue this trend. According to CNET, CEO John Legere boasted about his company’s success at adding new customers in the end of 2016 at CES when announcing the new unlimited-only data plans. In 2016, for the third year in a row, T-Mobile has added more than eight million new customers, with 2.1 million of those subscribing in the last quarter. Legere says that this is impressive, especially because competitors AT&T and Verizon haven’t significantly grown their phone customer base in 2016

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Intel releases its first 5G modem

Intel has never really been seen as a mobile-friendly company, but it’s new product hopes to hit every corner of our connected world. According to The Verge, Intel is banking on getting into the 5G game early and announcing a new modem which is meant to let companies test the new on their upcoming products, from phones, to cars, to drones, and even more. It seems Intel is hoping that by getting into the 5G market early, it will become the go-to supplier for 5G needs. This is a big challenge, because hefty competitors have announced similar plans. Specifically, LTE

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How will the Samsung Galaxy S8 make up for the Note 7?

There’s no way around it – Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was an explosive disaster. But will the company be able to reclaim some customers with the impending release of the Galaxy S8? According to Mobile Syrup, they may be attempting one trick from Microsoft’s playbook; a leaked slide from a company presentation has revealed that the S8 will include desktop functionality when hooked up to a computer monitor. The leaked image comes from a website called All About Windows Phone and shows a Samsung device connected to a computer monitor. It reads “Samsung Desktop Experience: Next Mobile Workspace.” All About

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Apple loses $2 million lawsuit for employee treatment

Apple recently lost a lawsuit that was first filed in 2011 over denying some of its retail workers regular meal breaks. According to CNN, the company has to pay two million dollars as a consequence. Back in 2011, only four Apple employees from San Diego were part of the original lawsuit. Their primary complaint was the lack of meal breaks, but they also cited that the company didn’t pay them in a timely manner. According to California law, employers must give hourly workers a 30 minute meal break if their shift exceeds five hours. California employees are also entitled to

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