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Microsoft’s New Project Spartan Browser Available This Year

project spartan

Microsoft is coming out with a new web browser called Project Spartan in the hopes of revolutionizing the way people use the Internet. The new browser was first made public in January, but was recently discussed in more detail in a blog post by corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore.

“Project Spartan is designed to work the way you do, with features enabling you to do cool things like write or type on a webpage,” Belfiore wrote. “It’s a browser that is made for easy sharing, reading, discovery and getting things done online.”

Though still in “an early, incomplete state,” Project Spartan has a few features that might get potential users excited. One is Cortana, a Siri-like addition that will help users by sharing what information “she” knows about the Web, based on what they are trying to do. Cortana will only be available to U.S. users when the browser first becomes available later this year, but will eventually become more broadly accessible.

Another innovative idea is Web Note, a feature allowing users to write/type on a web page and either share it on social or simply save it to OneNote. Belfiore also made sure to mention Reading List, which he claims will help users keep up with the latest news on the Internet without experiencing “information overload.”

“Project Spartan helps with a beautiful new Reading List to collect everything you want to read, including the ability to save any webpage or PDF for convenient access later, and an integrated, distraction-free Reading View that keeps you focused on the content,” Belfiore wrote.

Members of the Windows Insider Program can test drive Project Spartan right away. The rest of the public can learn more about it by visiting Belfiore’s blog post, or by checking out the Windows 10 Technical Preview.