2015 Was a Big Year for the Internet

earth2015 was a big year for the Internet. Reports show that the number of people online rose 6.7 percent, to 3.2 billion humans with Internet access. That is roughly 200 million in 2015 alone. While this number seems like a lot, 4.1 billion people or 57 percent of the world population is still not connected.

Companies like Facebook are pushing to increase connectivity worldwide. It has called governments, corporations and non-profits to action, encouraging them to increase connectivity in rural communities, developing nations and impoverished regions. However, the question remains of whether or not this goal is even possible to accomplish. Can we all be connected?

According to the same report, 1 billion people across the globe lack basic literacy skills and more than 66 percent of people living in countries without Internet connectivity have no grasp of what the Internet is or how it can change their lives.

Similarly, the Internet only covers about 55 languages with relevant content. That means, 55 languages have at least 100,000 Wikipedia articles. These apply to about 67 percent of the total population, who speak at least one as a first or second language. However, BBC said about 7,000 languages exist, and only 150 to 200 of them are used by over one million people. Knowing that, it seems hard to imagine that everyone would be able to use the Internet in their preferred tongue.

*Source: Information Week