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Apple to Produce Largest-Ever iPad

AppleAfter announcing some disappointing third-quarter reports this July, Apple is recreating some of its favorite products. The company boasts the “largest ever” iPad is going into production in early 2015.

Currently Apple sells a 9.7-inch iPad and a 7.9-inch iPad Mini. In comparison, the new iPad will have a 12.9-inch display. As well, the iPhone is expected to be increased to a 5.5-inch screen when the next model – the iPhone 6 – is revealed in September.

This July, Apple reported it had only sold 13.3 million iPads in the three months prior to June 28. That is a million less than predicted, and down 9.2 percent from the same time period last year. Apple is clearly under the pressure to promote their device.

Bloomberg also reported that an updated version of both the iPad and the iPad Mini will be available to consumers for Christmas.

*Source: The Telegraph