Moto X Unlocks with Stick-On Tattoo

Some people cannot remember passwords. What if those people could get a removable stick-on tattoo that would unlock their phone for them? Motorola Moto X and Google Advanced Technology and Projects has made that possible with the help of a company called VivaLNK. Using Near Field Communication technology, these removable tattoos – which are said to last about five days with showers and exercise – send a message to the smartphone authenticating the wearer. Although the idea might sound bizarre to some, these tattoos mark a new age in digital security. Imagine if you were the only one who could

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FTC Launches Cramming Lawsuit Against T-Mobile

T-Mobile has had a few great months, experiencing substantial subscriber growth and favorable financial results. But the honeymoon appears to be over after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a hefty lawsuit accusing the company of ignoring customers’ complaints about bogus charges on their bills. According to the FTC, T-Mobile ignored cramming – where scammers fraudulently place unauthorized charges on a user’s monthly phone bill via their service provider – and subsequently gave the cold shoulder those who complained, waiving only a portion of the fee for some and continuing to bill others. Those charges were for “premium” SMS subscriptions

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Governments Losing Out on Telephone Tax Revenue

The growing number of people using data-based connections to communicate is doing serious damage to the bottom line of many state and municipal governments, costing them millions in telephone tax revenue. While voice calls placed on landlines or mobile networks can be taxed, those placed via the Internet cannot. The same goes for text messaging But with more and more people relying on data-based messaging services, the use of text messaging is on the decline, as are traditional telephone calls. How does it add up? One report says the City of Phoenix is facing a $1.3 million shortfall, which could

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