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Recommendation for The Propeller Brewing Company

To whom it may concern: I am more than happy to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of The Propeller Brewing Company. Located in Dartmouth, The Propeller Brewing Company is Nova Scotia’s oldest craft brewery. The Propeller Brewing Company brews handcrafted beer, cocktails, and sodas. It has something for

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Check out Dempsey Corner Orchards

Looking to get out of the house and do something outdoors? Visit Dempsey Corner Orchards and spend time picking fruits and vegetables while making memories to last a lifetime!

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Featured Client Swiss Chalet Lacewood

Part of the Swiss Chalet franchise, Swiss Chalet Lacewood is a family style restaurant that offers quality dine-in, takeout, curbside pickup, and contactless delivery options. It features a host of

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Check out Propeller Brewing Company

Check out Nova Scotia’s oldest craft Brewery, Propeller Brewing Company. It is known for its handcrafted beer, cocktails, and sodas they’ve honed over the years and can be found in

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Chargebacks & Friendly Fraud

“Despite their best efforts, credit cards and PINs still get stolen.” If your business accepts credit cards, you’re likely familiar with the basics of credit card fraud and chargebacks. If

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Evangeline Cafe

August 31, 2020 If you want to have a truly enjoyable eating experience, I recommend you take a drive to Grand Pre and stop at Evangeline Inn & Cafe. My

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Cost Reduction Consultants in Kentville, Nova Scotia

Axel Nafthal
213 Fox Hill Ave
Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 5B2
P: 902-365-3046
F: 902-365-3058



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