Client Quick Summaries

Harley Davidson of Salt Lake City

When Schooley Mitchell’s Steve Oscarson sat down to review telecommunications costs for Harley Davidson of Salt Lake City, he was confident he could find better rates. After his analysis was complete he presented his findings, which included several options with considerable cost savings. The management at Harley Davidson was relieved that Schooley Mitchell had done all the research and “heavy lifting” for them – all they had to do was review the report.

“… The best part, from an accountant’s viewpoint, is that the savings that were anticipated by Schooley Mitchell were for real,” said Clark Brimhall, of Harley Davidson. “We have consistently seen monthly savings in our case of just over $900. We are very happy with the program and all that Schooley Mitchell has done for us.”


DRH Corporation

McDonald’s franchisee Dennis Hall admits he was skeptical when Schooley Mitchell consultant Steve Oscarson presented the results of a telecommunications audit showing 33 per cent savings, but gave him the green light to move forward with the recommendations. Oscarson oversaw the implementation of the new contract, even remedying a few technical glitches along the way. The changes recommended by Schooley Mitchell resulted in an immediate lowering of the restaurant’s cell phone bill, and close and continuous monitoring has ensured the most efficient low-cost plan is always in place.

“In this day and age where everyone is looking to reduce their costs, I highly recommend having the Schooley Mitchell consultants come and review your telephone costs,” said Dennis Hall. “It might be a very easy way to find a few bucks.”


AAA Fair Credit Foundation

AAA Fair Credit Foundation wanted to review its telecommunications expenses and enlisted Steve Oscarson of Schooley Mitchell to help. After an in-depth analysis, he presented a thorough report with a number of cost-saving options. The company wanted to stick with its current provider, and Oscarson was able to negotiate a 33 per cent decrease in costs.

“We realize now that we were probably overpaying, and we are glad we hired Schooley Mitchell to show us ways to reduce our overhead costs,” said Preston Cochrane, President and CEO of AAA Fair Credit.


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