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Schooley Mitchell Services


The telecommunications industry is a dynamic marketplace. Technologies are constantly changing, which can easily lead to confusion. Let us do the work for you.
Schooley Mitchell audits your landline, long distance, toll-free, fax, Internet and wireless services to identify cost savings, increase efficiency and recover billing errors.
We negotiate directly with telecom companies on your behalf to ensure you are receiving the best services at the best possible price. Our risk-free recommendations, implementations and continued monitoring allow you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Merchant Services

Credit and debit card processing is often referred to as merchant services. Continuous calls from persistent salespeople are bothersome and time consuming. In such an oversaturated market, it’s hard to know who to trust.
Let us clear up the confusion.
Schooley Mitchell has developed robust analysis tools that identify and eliminate
many of the fees associated with accepting payment cards. Our systematic auditing will reduce your electronic payment processing spend and improve services.
We analyze all of your merchant services systems including credit, debit, eCheck and ACH transactions. Oftentimes, savings can be implemented without having to change processors or switch equipment.

Truck Load

Trucking companies lose hundreds of millions of dollars because loads are not being optimized. Shipping underweight can result in lost revenue, while shipping overweight runs the risk of incurring fines at government scales.
We are here to help.
There are inexpensive onboard weighing solutions based on Cloud technology using
existing cellular networks throughout the Unites States and Canada to deliver almost immediate payback.
Our truck load optimization system delivers real-time, instantaneous weight solutions to the truck cab, as well as to the office of the trucking company. Overweight costs and risks can be avoided with data that is accurate to within 150 pounds.

We Work For Our Clients, Not For The Phone Company

  • Are you able to read and understand your telephone bills every month?
  • Are you confident that they are accurate?
  • Are you receiving the best value?

If you could save 20%-30% on your communications costs each month what would you do with the extra money?

  • Hire additional staff?
  • Add it to your bottom line?
  • Improve productivity by updating office technologies?

We will save you time and money

  • We analyze your communications bills on a quarterly basis and if we can’t find savings for you, there is no charge for our analysis. Therefore, we can only improve your bottom line.
  • 70% of the time our savings recommendations are with your existing service provider

We are Independent & Objective!

  • We don’t sell any provider’s products or services.
  • We don’t receive commissions or any form of payment from suppliers
  • We do diligently focus on your organization’s unique business issues and empower you to solve your business problems.

We are the Telecom Experts!

Areas of expertise:

  • Billing Analysis and Contract Optimization
  • Supplier Negotiation
  • Voice, Data and Broadband Services
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Processes
  • Sales, Sales Management, and Business Development Consulting


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