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Managing Partner Paul McMenamin’s career in telecommunications has spanned over three decades and taken him around the world, including positions in England, Ireland and Turkey.

Now the Schooley Mitchell consultant is using his wealth of knowledge to help save clients thousands of dollars on their telecom and merchant services expenses.

“There’s plenty of opportunity for the big companies,” says McMenamin. “But it’s a matter of getting to the local businesses to save them money too.”

Vendors are constantly changing their plans and packages, which makes it difficult for businesses to stay on top of their telecom expenses. McMenamin follows the trends, and his clients benefit from his extensive knowledge.

An HVAC company with about 30 cell phones enlisted his help to cut its bills. Initially, he was able to reduce costs by 29 percent. After keeping an eye out for new offerings, McMenamin was able to come back months later with additional savings of 50 percent.

A large client with 360 cell phones benefitted from immediate savings of 35 percent after McMenamin knocked $168,000 off its annual spending. A year later, new data plans reduced costs by another 45 percent, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“One of the things I enjoy most is the look on people’s faces when I bring a recommendation to them,” he says. “The look of, ‘Really? ‘ You can do that?’”

While trimming bills is a big part of his work, he also enjoys helping clients handle their fulfillment needs, guiding them through the implementation of new systems and introduction of new technology. His recommendations help streamline operations, saving valuable time and money.

Security is also important, and he advises his clients to ensure their devices are password protected and backed up. He often teaches his clients how to use software to boost security and find lost or stolen devices.

“It’s your own security,” McMenamin says. “You’ve got sensitive company information and you want to protect that.”

He expects the demand for wireless capabilities will continue to increase, with professionals snapping up smartphones and more workplaces introducing tablets.

And with data comes the need for education. He’s encountered several situations where data overages were occurring because employees did not understand the impact of certain activities such as video streaming or leaving a connection unsecure.

He expects carriers will also face challenges meeting the demand, and will be forced to come up with smarter and faster protocols to keep pace.

“The demand for data continues unabated,” he says.

Outside of work, McMenamin enjoys spending time outdoors, and can often be found kayaking. He also has a passion for languages and speaks French and Turkish.

But most of all, he has a passion for sharing his knowledge and saving his clients both money and time.

“People spend a lot of money on services when they don’t need to,” he says. “It never ceases to amaze me and surprise them when they see the savings.”

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