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Zohreh Taraz, CPA

Accounting firm Zohreh Taraz had grown frustrated of attempts to reduce the cost of its telecommunications services. The firm retained Schooley Mitchell Optimization Specialist Paul McMenamin, who was able to cut its annual spend in half, knocking over 50 percent off its bills.

“In a short span of time Paul presented Schooley Mitchell’s findings and recommendations in a comprehensive and professional report,” said Principal Zohreh Taraz. “… I welcome the opportunity to recommend Paul McMenamin and Schooley Mitchell to any firm serious about optimizing their telecom services.”


Home Helpers

When Schooley Mitchell Optimization Specialist Paul McMenamin was able to provide Home Helpers with 30 percent savings for its wireless services, it was just the beginning. He continues to manage its telecommunications, ensuring all services are optimized.

“His expertise in the industry has helped us to better understand the benefits of changing technology and what we might expect going forward,” said Home Helpers owner Ted Cooley. “He has taken away the need for our staff to spend time waiting on hold, negotiating desired changes, and working to understand the convoluted and confusing processes our service provider uses.”

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